ANGEL'S ORACLE is the story of a tongue-shape rock formation, the myth of the rock's creation, the town that bears its name, several ghosts, a seer, black skin, white skin, mulatto, all shades of color in between, pre-Civil War America, America on the edge of the Civil Rights movement, America looking into this mirror and seeing itself--today.

During Easter weekend in April 1959, a furnace doors opens in Angel, Mississippi and there, in the fire, America's past, present and future collaborate, collide, and lay bare cornerstones, built into the foundation of the republic, ideas that still haunt, control, support and hold secure America's troubled self-image--today.

Virgil Burnett, a quasi-albino, a gifted musician has come home to Angel after a twenty year absence.Working by day in a sprawling country club that occupies a tiny corner of the once vast empire of Thomas J. Burley, Virgil retreats at night to the music, memories and acquaintances who, like him, feel more comfortable with the world at night. In a telling paradox of imagery, Virgil becomes a reverse negative, a man "too white" to be accepted by his own race. In his lover Jez, the step-daughter of Seer Bonham, a successful club owner in nearby Charon, his fellow band members, all African-Americans, Virgil finds acceptance, love and redemption